Welcome to Washington State Public Service.
    As a public employee you are eligible for retirement benefits administered by the Department of Retirement Systems (DRS). Carefully consider your options. As a newly eligible employee, once you make a choice, you cannot change plans. If you don’t make a choice between plans within 90 days of becoming a public employee, you will automatically be placed in Plan 3, and you cannot later decide to become a member of Plan 2.
    DRS recently developed an online system where you can securely access your retirement account online.  Follow the link for Online Account Access and planning.  Here are some of the features you can look forward to no matter where you are in your retirement planning:
    • A customized, personal experience based on your retirement system and plan.
    • Retirement planning information and tools.
    • A list of everything you need before you can retire online.
    • Lots of access to assistance either through the help menu, email or phone.

     New Member Enrollment                      

    Your Journey to Retirement
    More information concerning your plan choice can be found in the Journey to Retirement link.   Here you’ll find information on Plan Choices for Plan 2 & Plan 3 as well as tools and resources that will help you determine your goals for retirement and how to best meet them. 

    Review the Plan Choice and complete the Member Information Form and Beneficiary Designation Form then submit to the District Office for completion of the form. 

    Additional useful forms:

     DCP Deffered Compensation Program

    What is Deffered Compenation Program (DCP)?  Find out how you can enhance your Washington State Retirement with the DCP Program at the DRS website:

    DCP Program