GET     Guarentee your child's
    college tuition.
    Guarentee piece of mind.
    Guarantee Your Peace of Mind
    Prepay for College Now
    The GET Program is Washington"s 529 prepaid college tuition plan.  You prepay for your child"s future college tuition and have peace of mind knowing that the value of your account is guaranteed by the state to keep pace with rising college tuition.

    State guarantee

    • The State of Washington guarantees that if you buy one year of college tuition today (100 GET units), you"ll have one year of college tuition when your child is ready for college.
    • Your GET units are guarenteed to keep pace with tuition at Washington"s most expensive public university, either the University of Washington or Washington  State University.  

    Choice of colleges nationwide

    • You can use your account at nearly any public or private college in the country and some schools around the world.
    • The value of your account is the same, whether your child attends a public in-state university or a private or out-of-state college.

    Tax-free savings and withdrawals

    • The after-tax money you put into your GET account will grow tax-free.
    • The money you withdraw will be tax-free too as long as you use it for qualified higher education expenses.

    Flexibility and control

    • You can use your account for tuition, room and board, books or other qualified higher education expenses.
    • If your child doesn"t go to college or receives a scholarship, you can transfer your account to another family member, or request a refund. 
    • You maintain total control over your account.

    Easy ways to save

    • You can set up a monthly payment plan, send a check whenever you have extra cash, or choose a combination of the two.   
    • You can open an account for anyone - your child, grandchild, friend or even yourself.
    • Either the account owner or the student must be a Washington resident at the time of enrollment. 
    For more information visits the website:
  • You must have GET accounts already established to participate in GET payroll deduction. 
  • To enroll in the GET Program, you may enroll by mail or online during the  annual enrollment period (September 15 through March 31). 
  • Payroll deduction can be started anytime after the GET account has been opened.
  • Employees will need to complete a Payroll Deduction Authorization form and return it to the district office in order to start your deductions.
  • For details and to enroll online visit http://www.get.wa.gov/ or call 1-800-955-2318.