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    For infomation on completeing your safety training,  please click on the link below for detailed instructions.

    If you have any questions, please contact Polly Schetzle at 509-243-1100 for more information.



    First Aid/CPR Training:

    DeliseWingfield is offering first aid/CPR for teachers and coaches of the school.  It is a a two part class. The first part is online that you can complete at home at your leisure. Part 2 is a hands on portion where you and Delise meet before or after school for about 30 minutes.

     The online class is called Heartsaver First Aid/CPR AED certification through heart.org  - the cost for the class is $30 that you pay online.  

    This is the link to the site. 

    First Aid Link

    Click on Register & Complete Courses in the red box on the bottom right corner. Here you will fill out the information and pay the $30 for the online course with your personal credit card.

    Once you have completed the course, email Delise at dwingfield@aasd.wednet.edu or text 928.580.8592 so you can set up a time to meet at the school to complete the hands on portion of the course (30 minutes).  The cost for the skills section is $5 for the card.  Usually the card price is $15, BUT Delise has been granted permission to offer the course cards to teachers, coaches, paras, and students for $5.  This price cannot be offered to anyone outside of the school even if they come in at the same time to test their CPR skills. 

    Benefits to this system is you can take the course when you need it and in your own home. Usually, Delise can meet with you within a week to do the skills portion.