• WA State Health Care Aughority School Employee Benefits Boards


    Log into MetLife to declare your beneficiaries and  purchase supplemental life and AD&D coverage.  Any supplemental coverage will be processed as a direct bill coming from MetLife.

     MetLife MyBenefits

     All benefit eligible employees recieve $35,000 in life insurance coverage and $5,000 in AD&D coverage.



    Direct Billing Process

    On the 17th of each month, MetLife will generate a Supplemental Life and AD&D Direct Bill that will be sent to employees’ physical mailing address.  The due date is 21 days after the bill is sent.  Any past due/unpaid premiums will be added to the subsequent billing statement – if past due premiums are not paid within 21 days of the second bill, there may be a lapse in coverage.

    Employees participating in Supplemental Life and AD&D will default to a monthly billing cycle, however, they may call MetLife to request a different billing frequency. 

    The available frequencies are:

    •  Monthly
    • Quarterly
    • Semi-annually
    • Annually

    Direct Billing Payment Options

    Employees participating in Supplemental Life and AD&D have the following payment options available:

    Check – employees can mail a check to MetLife along with the payment stub included in the Direct Bill statement

    Electronic Lockbox – employees can work with their financial institution (ex: Bank, Credit Union) to have payment remitted electronically to MetLife

    EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) – employees can provide bank account information to MetLife and authorize MetLife to draft payment from the account based on a day the participant selects.  

      • If employees choose this payment option, they will be billed for current month coverage (ex: Participant receives a Direct Bill on February 17th for February coverage)

    MetLife has established a dedicated Customer Service line for WA State Healthcare Authority SEBB participants’ questions regarding coverage, billing, and enrollment:

    Toll Free: 833.854.9624                                    Hours of Operation: 5AM – 8PM Pacific (Mon-Fri)