•  Volunteers Requirements

    • Volunteer needs to complete a Contact Information Form with Human Resources (Sheila Witters 509-243-3154)
    • Volunteers in all areas including coaching  need to complete Safety Training.  (Questions call Polly Schetzle 509-243-1100)
    • Staff Advisors also need to complete all the driving documents if they will be driving students.
    • If  a volunteer is going to assist with driving whether in a private or a district vehicle to transport equipment or students they must complete the forms below.


    Please click here for type of volunteer requirements.


    Consent Form For Student Riding in Private Vehicle  (Must be completed by each parent)
    Fingerprinting is only required if a volunteer will have regularly scheduled unsupervised access to the following:
    1.  Groups of five or fewer children under twelve years of age;
    2.  Groups of three or fewer children between twelve and eighteen years of age; or
    3.  Developmentally disabled persons.