• Employee Professional Development
    Please remember that credits and clock hours must be submitted to the district office no later than October 1st to be considered for calculation on the salary schedule for the current school year.
    How to get Pre-Approval for Credits or Clock Hours:
    In order for you to know that the workshop, credits or clock hours have been approved by the district superintendent, you must first submit a pre-approval form to the district office.

    You will need to include along with your Pre-Approval form, a syllabus or outline of the course you are taking, as well as an Approved Clock Hour Provider Verification from the OSPI link listed below.

    This serves as your documentation that the course has been certified as being consistent with or pertinent to your current assignment. If this form is not completed prior to taking the course, there is no guarantee that your credits or clock hours will be accepted.
    NOTE: OSPI will only accept credits or clock hours offered by a Professional Educator Standards Board-approved provider.
    If you are working on maintenace of your certificate, only Washington State-approved clock hours can be used. If you have questions or need more information please check the OSPI website at ww.k12.wa.us/certification/default.aspx.
    Pre-Approval forms as well as more information about OSPI Continuing Education (Clock Hours) and the most current OSPI Approved Provider List can be found below.
    Once signed, the Pre-Approval form will be returned to you along with your documentation. Please retain this information as you will need to submit it along with your earned credits or clock hour transcript once they are received.
    How to have your Credits or Clock Hours Accepted:
    In order to for your credits or clock hours to be accepted by the District Office, you must return the Pre-Approval form and supporting documentation, along with your credit or clock hour transcript. This information will be added to your Employee Access Professional Development and the original will be placed in your personnel file.
    How to RENEW your Certificate:
    Individuals employed in a Washington School District will have thier credit and clock hour validity calculated based on the experience information submitted by the school district on the annual S275 Personnel Report. This information can also be accessed from Employee Access under Employee Information/Personnel/Professional Developement.

    For more information on renewing your certificate please check out the OSPI website at
    www.k12.wa.us/certification/teachermain.aspx or contact Gloria at the ESD123 for more assistance at 509-544-5702.
    ***NEW from OSPI - Create an eCert account with OSPI to apply online to update your certificate. To establish an account go to https://eds.ospi.k12.wa.us/pda/