• Comprehensive Evaluation

    Every four years teachers will participate in the comprehensive evaluation process. New teachers will be on the Comprehensive Evaluation Model for the first three years. This process is a collaboration between the teacher and the evaluator and is based on the 5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning. Over the year you will be evaluated in all 7 areas of the 5D+ model as follows:  

    Rubrics: please see the TPEP binder or visit 
    Overview Documents:
    Process: CEL 5D+ is based on the idea of growth over time. Teaching is an art and teachers continue to grow and change over their careers. This process allows teachers to reflect on their teaching and continue this growth. Although you will be working on all of the dimensions of CEL 5D+ during the year, you will focus on 3-5 indicators during each semester. You will meet with your evaluator frequently to discuss your observations and area of focus. 
    Area of Focus Form: This form includes everything that you need in one place. It has the self evaluation, questions that may be discussed with your principal, the form for student growth, and the summary page that you and your principal will sign. 



    Due Date



    Fill out pre-inquiry form

    Meet with principal to establish area of focus

    Write Student Growth goals
    Collect baseline data 


    First Semester


    Observations and Conversations


    Analyze impact and decide on area of focus for second semester.  

    End of 1st Semester

    Second Semester

    Observations and Conversations


    Gather and complete all assessment data

    Set up final conference with evaluator

    May 15