• Strategic Plan 2014-18

         AASD Mission Statement-
                      The Asotin-Anatone School District embraces the strengths of our   
                     community to develop responsible citizens and inspire life-long learning.
    In the fall of 2008 the superintendent, along with 93 students, parents, community members and staff came together to develop a goal and framework to set the stage for developing a new strategic plan. Focus groups were conducted to generate initial input on the commitments and goals of the plan. 
    In May 2009 the plan was rolled out and formally adopted by the Board of Directors with implementation beginning immediately.
    The board would like to thank the students, parents, community members and staff that worked to develop this plan.  There are specific goals and action plan for the next five years in the Asotin-Anatone School District.  Built into each goal is an accountability component that addresses goals and timelines to be completed.
    For more information on work plans to support each goal, please contact
    our superintendent, Dale Bonfield @ dbonfield@aasd.wednet.edu.