Update 4/9/20

April 9, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee and State Superintendent Chris Reykdal announced on April 6 that we will not return to onsite instruction this school year and we will continue with distance learning. Thus, assignments given to students beginning on Wednesday, April 15th will be focused on their required school work for grades 6-12. Teachers will be monitoring student work and providing feedback. Students will demonstrate their progress towards meeting standards. Students 6-12 will receive a grade mark of Passing (P) or No Credit (NC) based upon this progress in each class they are enrolled in.


How will this work?  How can I best support my child?


  • We are using Google Classrooms for distance learning for the most part. We encourage parents/guardians to have their children sign into their Google Classrooms daily so you can view all posted assignments. Yes, there is a learning curve, but it is doable and manageable. The two links below will take you to information that will help you better understand Google Classroom:



Many teachers are utilizing Google Classroom, Google Hangouts and other learning platforms including video conferences with classes and/or small groups. Video sessions will be recorded so students who may have conflicts can access instruction at a later time.


  • Teachers will post assignments before Wednesday of each week, but it would be a good idea to check periodically because teachers might add subsequent material to support the main assignment. Google Classroom is where you will find all assignments for each class.


  • For high school students, some classes will host live sessions scheduled within the following time frames (teachers will post specific live session dates in their respective Google Classrooms):


    • Monday: 1st Period—10:00-12:00; 2nd Period—12:00-2:00
    • Tuesday: 3rd Period—11:00-2:00
    • Wednesday: 4th Period—11:00-2:00
    • Thursday: 5th Period—11:00-2:00
    • Friday: 6th Period—11:00-2:00





What if we do not have technology at home?


If you do not have technology, your child will receive learning packets and can schedule times to talk with their teachers over the phone. Please contact us at 509-243-1100 for this option if needed. Packets will be available for pickup in the cafeteria 8:30-11:30, Monday thru Friday with the schedule below. They will also be able to drop off completed assignments for grading at that time. We will begin this process on April 15, 2020. If you are unable to pick up packets, please let us know. Please contact us if these options do not meet your needs.


 Packet pickup cafeteria 8:30-11:30


                Kindergarten                  Monday

                1st Grade                        Tuesday

                2nd Grade                        Thursday

                3rd Grade                        Friday

                 4th - 12th Grade              Wednesday


How much time should my child spend on schoolwork?

The Office Superintendent of Public Instruction has recommended the following time allotments for students to be working on schoolwork at home.


                Pre-K                   30 minutes

                K-1st Grade         45 minutes

                2-3rd Grade         60 minutes

                4-5th Grade         90 minutes

                6-8th Grade         20 minutes a class or 2.5 hours a day

                9-12th Grade       30 minutes a class or 3 hours a day

How will my child stay connected to teachers?

Teachers will be contacting students on a regular basis via email, Google Classroom and/or phone. Please make sure your student replies to all messages as necessary.


How can I contact teachers?


If at any time you need assistance in finding out how your child is doing, please contact their teacher or our office.



How do I handle student fees or fines?


For student fees or fines, please make checks payable to Asotin School and mail to:


Asotin School

P.O. Box 489

Asotin, WA  99402


If you have questions concerning your student’s fees and/or fines contact Sunni Appleford 509-243-4152.

Asotin-Anatone School District is here to support you! Stay safe!  Thank you for sending us the best of the best!




Dale Bonfield, Superintendent Asotin-Anatone School District

(509) 243-1100


Wes Nicholas, Principal Elementary/Middle School

(509) 243-4147


Brendan Johnson, Principal High School

(509) 243-4151